Virtual Reality Arcade Franchise

We are currently offering a VR Licensee Opportunity and VR Franchise Opportunity, where you can start your own business and use our own equipment and games. 


Why should you choose us:



Proprietary Games

All of our games are proprietary and unique. We have received hundreds of customers reviews on the quality and uniqueness of our games. Our competitors do not have access or the rights to our games, thus giving you a unique advantage in the VR industry.  All of the designs: characters, guns, props, stages, etc. – are unique. To be successful in this industry, you need to be able to give your customers a unique experience. Other game franchisees do not have proprietary games, and thus there is nothing unique about them. Their customers can go to any location 50 kilometers away and find the same experience. Where with us, we have unique games that only our VR Franchisees can use. 


Best-in-class Technology

Our equipment, guns, scanners, and etc. have all been carefully made and procured from special third-parties. Our cost of equipment is also dramatically lower than other VR franchises. Most VR franchisees use “LASER” as a means of detecting where the player is. We use “LIGHT.” Light is 1/10 the price to install, maintain, and repair. We have selected LIGHT as oppose to laser to ensure maximum game time and lower the cost for our franchisees. 


Proven Reputation

Our games have had tremendous success with a wide variety of audiences. When you buy our licensee you are purchasing our formula for success. Internationally we have won awards for the quality of our game. We will share with you best business practices to ensure you have the highest ROI in your investment with our VR Arcade. 


Proven Financial Result

We have been collecting financial results in our locations and we have proven that our business model and proprietary assets can generate success. 



Open your own VR Arcade with us