“We decided to host a birthday party here. All of our kids were heavy xbox gamers, and they told us about this game. We heard them screaming and having fun when they were playing. So all of us adults decided to try it ourselves. It was so fun and addictive – that we’ve become gamers ourselves.”

“I brought my family to Awaken Battle Ground Virtual Reality Arcade in North York. We had such a blast! The kids loved it. The zombie shooting game was freakishly fun. The get up close to you and you feel like for a moment that they’re going to actually touch you. I highly recommend this game if you want to have fun and be a little bit scared.”

“Great place to take your friends. They even have a board game section where you can play board games with your friends while you wait in line.”

“Compared to other vr arcades in Toronto, this location has the best graphics. Even the response time on the characters are par excellence.”

“I wish I could have a game like this in my own house! If I did, I would never play anything else.”