Leaders in VR Interactive Gaming

We pride ourselves in being one of the first VR Interactive game studios in Canada. We have a proprietary game that allows our customers to roam and interact with a physical environment. We have invested thousands of dollars in building this unique experience for our customers.


Awaken Battleground VR was launched in 2017 in North York, Ontario. 

Awaken Battleground VR launches two new games: PVP Shooter Deathmatch, and PVE Zombie Survival. 

Awaken Battleground VR partners with Toon Group Inc. to market its brand across North America.

Our Founder

Our founder is Kaiming Zhang. He is a passionate gamer with a background in game development. He had always dreamed about creating high-quality games and experiences for other gamers. He was an early investor in VR equipment. 


The production level is superior to common experience VR games.
Awaken Battleground is in a large space virtual world, allowing you to enjoy a free and unpretentious battle!
Support up to 6 players 3v3 grouping experience.

Different maps and missions are waiting for you…

All things are the best

Provide you with the truest war experience
We will be more perfect for your pursuit!

A leisure place for you to forget